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Ginger Juice

Ginger Juice


Our ginger juice is an artisanal drink made from ginger infusion. Its taste is spicy. This juice is refreshing and contains no chemicals and very little sugar for better thirst quenching.

Vous serez informé dès que le produit sera disponible merci.

Ginger is a plant with a tuberous root that is cultivated in tropical regions. Its fleshy rhizome has a hot, spicy flavor. While ginger is known for its taste, it also has many other health benefits. Ginger juice is easy to consume at any time of the day, to take full advantage of its many therapeutic virtues, its energizing boost as well as its fresh and lemony aroma.

The balance of flavors offers a unique taste and the correct dosage of ingredients is perfectly adapted to the taste of both Africans and Westerners. The recipe is inspired by my mother's cooking.

Our ginger juice is processed near Rennes in an organic farm from ingredients produced in Guinea by local women producers with the NGO KDF, ensuring a fair remuneration for these women.

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