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Baobab juice

Baobab juice


Our baobab fruit juice is an artisanal drink made from the baobab fruit. Its unique taste is similar to that of a pear. This juice contains no chemicals and very little sugar for better thirst-quenching.

Vous serez informé dès que le produit sera disponible merci.

The baobab is a gigantic tree from the hot regions of Africa and Asia whose fruit is edible and has a tangy flavor. The fruit is oval and can reach the size of a rugby ball. Bouye juice is made from the pulp of the fruit that surrounds the seeds. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste reminiscent of pear.The baobab fruit is a superfood. The recipe for this juice is inspired by my mother's cooking.

Our bouye juice is processed near Rennes in an organic farm from ingredients produced in Guinea by local women producers with the NGO KDF ensuring a fair remuneration of these women.

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