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Hibiscus/Bissap juice

Hibiscus/Bissap juice


Our natural hibiscus juice is an artisanal drink made from the infusion of hibiscus flowers. Its acidic taste is similar to red fruits. This juice contains no chemicals and very little sugar for better thirst-quenching.

Vous serez informé dès que le produit sera disponible merci.

Hibiscus is a tropical plant whose flower, commonly called bissap, is used to prepare traditional thirst-quenching drinks (bissap juice or tea). The infusion of hibiscus flowers has a tangy taste similar to red fruits. It is an excellent detoxifier and hunger suppressant, which helps with weight loss. This flower was considered as the flower of love in ancient Egypt. The infusion of hibiscus, called "drink of the pharaohs", was used as a remedy. The drink can be consumed hot or cold according to preference.

The recipe is inspired by my mother's cooking.

Our bissap juice is processed near Rennes in an organic farm from ingredients produced in Guinea by local women producers with the NGO KDF ensuring a fair remuneration of these women.

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