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100 Grams

Hibiscus is a plant whose flowers, of a deep red color tending to purple, are dried and used in infusions. Its taste is similar to red fruits. The hibiscus infusion is an excellent detoxifier and cuts the hunger which helps with weight loss.

Hibiscus sabdariffa is a tropical plant whose dried flower is called bissap in West Africa. Also called karkade or Guinea sorrel, it offers an original craft drink very popular in Africa. This traditional thirst-quenching drink offers a double advantage: it is a delicious drink with a tangy taste and a red fruit flavor and it is full of vitality. The bissap flower is also often used in African cuisine.

In ancient Egypt the hibiscus flower was considered as the flower of love. Hibiscus infusion was used as a remedy.

Our hibiscus is produced in Guinea by local women producers with the NGO KDF which ensures a fair remuneration of these women.

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