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250 Grams

Fonio is a cereal whose exellent grains are traditionally consumed as couscous in West Africa. It can replace wheat semolina or quinoa. Its taste is neutral and it is very digestible. Fonio is gluten-free and is a healthy food that promotes weight loss.

Fonio is a small cereal with fine grains like sand that is grown in West Africa. Traditionally eaten like couscous, fonio is thinner and lighter than regular couscous. It is considered as the oldest and tastiest cereal in West Africa. Beyond its taste, fonio has the particularity of being naturally gluten-free. It is, therefore an excellent alternative to traditional cereals. It can also be an ally in healthy weight loss, in addition to being very digestible.

Our fonio is produced in Guinea by local women producers with the NGO KDF which ensures a fair remuneration for these women.

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