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250 Grams

Millet, sorghum or degué is an ancient cereal grown in Africa. It is used in cooking, in particular to prepare thiakry, an African dessert, or in couscous. Its pronounced taste is similar to millet. The degue is gluten-free and is a healthy food that promotes weight loss.

Vous serez informé dès que le produit sera disponible merci.

The degue is a specialty of West Africa, presented in the form of semolina. It is obtained from the millet seed, a cereal that has been cultivated for 4500 years in Africa, which is harvested, dried, dehulled with a pestle and then reduced to semolina. Millet has important dietary benefits such as being naturally gluten-free. It is also considered a much more nutritious cereal than traditional cereals, which makes it a choice alternative for intolerant people, people looking for a less rich or gluten-free diet and people suffering from deficiencies, especially in vitamins and minerals. It can also be an ally in healthy weight loss, in addition to being very digestible.

Our degue is produced in Guinea by local women producers with the NGO KDF which ensures a fair remuneration of these women.

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