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Coconut butter

Coconut butter

250 Grams

Coconut butter is made from the pulp of the coconut. It is a source of vegetable fat that is used in cooking and cosmetics. Coconut butter is a very refined product which is used for the realization of dishes in pastry making.

Vous serez informé dès que le produit sera disponible merci.

Coconut butter is a vegan butter made from the pulp of the nut which has incredible virtues for self-care. If it is known for its multiple applications in cosmetics whose application is accompanied by a very pleasant coconut perfume, it can be just as beneficial for your well-being by being added to your food.

Coconut butter is a product with multiple uses which is consumed hot or cold, raw or mixed according to the desires and which will add a pleasant and scented note in your menus.

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